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We at The Merchant Fox celebrate the exquisite attention to detail and we wish to share our passion for craft. The expert craftmanship certainly shines through in these ties,having been made using the window Neapolitan tailoring methods

San Giorgio a Cremano, “homeland to the ties”, as Francesco Marino says. Cassandra srl is managed by Francesco and his son Patrick and produces ties for the biggest Italian and foreign brands with the expertise of 68 years of history and a passion created for the craft.

Moins d’une dizaine d’employés produisent pour les plus grands noms du monde entier (des USA au Japon) tous les types de cravates du twill, de la crêpe de chine, en passant par le coton et le denim.

F.Marino ties are undoubtedly exquisite and among the lightest in the world. The in-house stock of vintage silk is nothing short of breathtaking and the Marinos, father and sonar disarmingly charming and slightly mad - which is inherent why more gentlemen are taking a liking to the Marino name.

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